Expand your Affiliate Program's Reach and Potential

Enhance Ultimate Affiliate Pro’s Capabilities with These Included Robust Add-ons: Streamline Affiliate Payouts, Configure Recurring Commissions, Monitor Affiliate Referrals via Coupon Codes, and Much More

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Affiliate MLM Network

Smart Sales Tracking

Detailed Affiliate Reports

Integrated Online Payouts

Powerful Commission Rules

43+ Integrated AddOns

Ultimate Affiliate Pro comes with a diverse range of included Add-Ons designed to amplify your affiliate marketing capabilities and provide an all-encompassing solution for WordPress users. These add-ons are included and seamlessly integrated, offering enhanced features and functionalities

Various Referral Types


Reward affiliates for recruiting new members to join your website or affiliate network

Pay Per Click (CPC)

Reward affiliates based on the number of clicks they generate, driving targeted traffic to your website and boosting conversions

CPM Commission

Reward affiliates for impressions and ad views, increasing brand visibility and engagement

LifeTime Commissions

Reward affiliates for every referral's lifetime purchases, ensuring lasting partnerships and continuous revenue growth

Recurring Referrals

Reward affiliates with ongoing commissions for subscription-based sales

Affiliate Tracking Tools​

Static Coupons

Easily create and manage static coupon codes for affiliates, enhancing their promotional effectiveness

Affiliate Referrer Links

Empower affiliates with unique referral links, improving attribution and results

Affiliate Landing Pages

Create personalized landing pages for affiliates, optimizing conversion rates and performance

QR Codes

Simplify affiliate link sharing and enhance tracking with the QR Codes

Fair Checkout Reward

Increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction

Friendly Affiliate Links

Make your affiliate links more user-friendly and engaging for improved click-through rates

Custom Affiliate Slug

Personalize affiliate URLs for better branding and engagement

Product Links

Easily create and track product-specific affiliate links for optimal marketing

Affiliates Engagement

Ranks Pro

Motivate affiliates with a dynamic ranking system and boost overall program performance

Multi-Level Marketing

Create a Multi-Tiered Affiliate Network, motivating affiliates to build their teams and maximize your program's reach


Convert earnings into valuable store credits for future product purchases, enhancing the affiliate experience and fostering loyalty

Pay to Become Affiliate

Offer a premium entry to your affiliate program. Monetize affiliate membership for increased revenue

Affiliate Toolbar

Display an attractive, easily accessible affiliate toolbar on your website

Allow Own Referrals

Allow affiliates to self-refer, expanding their opportunities and fostering a more flexible affiliate program

Referrals Assignation

Control how referrals are attributed, ensuring accurate and fair commission distribution

Bonus on Ranks

Reward affiliate excellence with the 'Bonus on Ranks' Add-on. Encourage affiliates to achieve higher ranks and boost performance with enticing bonuses

Email Marketing Services

Seamlessly integrate email marketing platforms, expanding your reach and driving conversions

Payout Payment Services

PayPal Payout

Simplify payment processes and ensure swift compensation for your affiliates with just one click

Stripe Payout

Compensate your affiliates through the Stripe payment gateway, ensuring secure and hassle-free transactions


Woo Account Page Integration

Integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce account page

BuddyPress Account Page Integration

Integrate seamlessly with BuddyPress account pages

Referral Notifications

Send real-time updates on affiliate referrals so they will never miss a beat in your affiliate program

Admin Referral Notifications

Receive immediate updates on affiliate referrals, keeping you in the loop and enabling timely actions

Periodic Reports

Keep affiliates informed with regular updates on their account and rewards

Email Verification

Ensure valid email addresses for affiliates, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity.

Custom Currencies

Offer commissions in various currencies for broader affiliate reach

Display Source Details

Showcase referral sources for enhanced transparency and performance tracking

Pushover Notifications

Receive instant affiliate program updates directly to your device

Maximum Amount

Define maximum commission amounts for individual affiliates, ensuring program stability

Account Custom Tabs

Create personalized tabs on affiliate account pages, offering unique content and resources


Connect your affiliate program with external systems and maximize functionality

Social Share

Empower affiliates to easily share your content across social platforms, expanding your brand's presence

Migration Tools

AffiliateWP Migration

Migrate smoothly to Ultimate Affiliate Pro and unlock a world of enhanced affiliate marketing

Affiliates Pro Migration

Transition to Ultimate Affiliate Pro seamlessly

WP Affiliate Migration

Transition to Ultimate Affiliate Pro seamlessly

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I've been using Ultimate Affiliate Pro for my WordPress website for quite some time now, and I must say, it's an exceptional affiliate program. The plugin offers a wide range of features that make managing affiliates a breeze. The user-friendly interface allows me to easily set up and customize my WordPress affiliate program according to my needs.
Maggie James
WP Agency
Being a WordPress user with an affiliate program, I was in dire need of a plugin that could simplify the entire process. Ultimate Affiliate Pro turned out to be the perfect fit for my needs and a reliable wordpress affiliate plugin. The user interface is so intuitive and user-friendly that I was able to set up my affiliate program effortlessly. The robust payout feature ensures that my affiliates are paid promptly and accurately.
Samantha Carter
One of the standout features of Ultimate Affiliate Pro is its robust MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) functionality. This allows me to create multi-level affiliate structures, encouraging my affiliates to recruit new members and earn commissions from their referrals. It has significantly helped me expand my affiliate network and boost my sales.
Michael Johnson