How to change Member Status?

All the user options and settings are manageable from the same place, under the Ultimate Affiliate Pro Dashboard -> Affiliates tab.

Here, you can accomplish the following actions for a certain user:

  • Approve their account
  • Assign a specific rank
  • Edit profile
  • Attach specific page/post content in the overview tab

1. Approve User Account

If the affiliate account is not approved, the user will not be able to log in to the Ultimate Affiliate Pro system. Their WP Role is set to Pending.

Approving an affiliate means changing their WP role to an unrestricted one. This can be done from each user line under the username by clicking the Approve link.

The user status is displayed in the WP User Role column, and the unapproved users have a red Pending role.

2. Assign specific Rank

As an admin, you can manage ranks assigned to any user at any time, by assigning a new rank.

Simply edit an existing user and search for the rank section at the bottom of the page.

3. Edit User Profile

The admin can manage all user details (including the password), except for the username which can’t be changed in the WordPress environment.

Just click on the edit link from each user line.

Only the fields set from Ultimate Affiliate Pro Dashboard -> Registration Form -> Custom Fields will show up.

4. Attach a specific Page content

The Overview section of the Account Page can display general content or specific content for each affiliate. All you need to do is edit each user and select a specific page/post with the Select Post For Account Page Overview option.

Once that’s done the page content will replace the overview message for that particular user.