How Reset Password works?

To successfully complete the password reset process, you need to configure three essential email notifications:

1. Reset Password Start Process

This email asks the user to confirm their password reset request by clicking on the provided link.

2. Reset Password Request

Once the user confirms the request, this email provides a newly generated password for the account.

3. Confirm Password Inform

This email replaces the standard WordPress email for the password reset process.

Please note that all three notifications must be set up to ensure a seamless password reset experience.

The Password Reset Workflow:

1. User Initiates Reset

The user initiates the password reset process by submitting their email address through the Reset Password form.

2. Confirmation Email Sent

The user receives an email requesting confirmation for the password reset.

3. User Confirmation

The user clicks on the provided link to confirm the password reset request.

4. New Password Email

Once the request is confirmed, the user receives another email containing their newly generated password.

5. User Password Update

The user can then log in to their account using the new password and update it to a preferred one.

Please note that the confirmation link does not include a form for submitting a new password. However, you can set it to redirect the user to a specific page other than the default redirect page. This option can be managed in General Settings > Default Redirect page.

By following these steps and setting up the required email notifications, you can facilitate a secure and efficient password reset process for your users.