Landing Commissions

You can create a landing commission which you can attach to any successful page (ex: Thank You Register page). When a user reaches this page, the affiliate will receive a certain commission based on the generated referral.

To create one, go to Ultimate Affiliate Pro Dashboard -> Landing Commissions and click on the add new button.

You can activate or deactivate it without needing to delete it. You must also provide a unique slug for your landing commission. Next you will have to enter a landing commission price based on which the referral amount will be calculated depending on the affiliate rank rate.

You can set the referral default status to verified or unverified, a referral description, and the cookie expire time. When done click the save button and a new card will appear under the add new button. Copy the shortcode and use it on a successful page.

Example: You need to get users to fill in a short survey, after they submit their answers, you can redirect them to a Thank You page and have the shortcode used here. If affiliate John redirects users to this survey, he will receive referral only for the users that finish the survey, because they land on the Thank You page.