Clicks or Referrals aren’t working

There are several reasons which may cause the system to not track the clicks and referrals properly. The most common cases are listed below:

  • Check that your affiliate user is active and approved.
  • Ensure that you or your affiliates are using a correct affiliate referral URL, along with the correct referral variable and an active affiliate ID (or username).
  • Make sure that your affiliate has a rank assigned.
  • Ensure that your ranks are properly set with a right amount.
  • Check if an offer is restricting referrals for specific affiliates or products.
  • Verify if you’ve activate the Module item which you’re looking for (example: SignUp Referrals).
  • Be sure that your website and browser is able to manage Cookies. The tracking system is based on stored cookies. You can check that in your browser developer tools or the Inspect Element section. You should find the referral cookie stored with the uap_referral name.
  • Check that your website page has no JS errors. You can check that in your browser developer tools or in the Inspect Element section.
  • If you haven’t activated Allow own Reference magic feature be sure that you are not logged with the affiliate account.
  • Have a short test with all the other Plugins deactivated and with a Standard WordPress Theme
  • As a short test, try deactivating all other plugins and use a standard WordPress theme.