How to add Custom Fields?

Ultimate Affiliate Pro offers a powerful module that allows you to include multiple custom fields in your register and account page forms. Follow these steps to manage and add custom fields:

1. Access Custom Fields Page

Go to the Ultimate Affiliate Pro Dashboard and navigate to “Showcases.” From there, select “Registration Form” and then click on “Custom Fields.”

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2. Add New Custom Fields

To create a new custom field, click on the “Add New Registration Form Field” button. Each field requires a unique slug using lowercase characters only.

3. Select Field Type

Choose from various field types available

  • Text: A simple input text field.
  • Textarea: A textarea HTML field.
  • Date Picker: An input text field with a JQuery date-picker script.
  • Number: A number input field that accepts only digits.
  • Select: A select input resembling a dropdown with a single selection.
  • Multiselect Box: A select input with multiple selections.
  • Checkbox: Checkbox buttons with multiple options.
  • RadioBox: Radio buttons with multiple options.
  • File Upload: A special field with an upload button and loading bar.
  • Plain Text: HTML content that can display various elements.
  • Verification Code: A unique value with the correct answer provided by the admin.

4. Activate Custom Fields

In the Custom Fields list, you have three columns. Check the boxes to indicate where you want each custom field to appear:

  • On Admin: Only visible to admins in the Ultimate Affiliate Pro Dashboard.
  • On Register Page: Visible in the Registration form.
  • On Account Page: Visible in the profile tab on the account page.

5. Save Changes

Once you’ve selected the display locations for each field, click on the “Save” button to apply your settings.

6. Reorder Custom Fields

To rearrange the order of the custom fields, click and hold on any field in the Custom Fields list and move it up or down to your preferred position. Click “Save” once you’ve finalized the sorting.

By following these steps, you can easily add and manage custom fields, tailor the registration and account page forms to suit your specific needs, and collect essential information from your affiliates.