Step 1: Create Ranks

Ranks determine different amount(s) for your affiliates based on specific achievements.

Ranks have an order and each rank needs to have a higher achievement condition and better amount than the previous one.

When you set a rank you establish:

  • Different amounts for specific cases.
  • How the level is acquired by the user.

The rank’s slug needs to be unique and based strictly on lower-case characters with no special characters or spaces.

1. Position

First of all, you need to decide the rank position. A higher position means that the rank has a higher amount and harder achievements.

2. Rank Rate

You can set a different amount for each rank based on a flat ratio or percent amount from the referral price.

It is recommended to set a higher amount for a top rank than the previous one, this way, affiliates will work towards getting the top rank.

3. Achievements

For each rank, you can set conditional achievements which must be completed in order for an affiliate to receive that rank. They are based on:

  1. Number of referrals.
  2. Total amount.

You can use two different logical conditions to combine the previous achievements:

  • AND – both need to be accomplished.
  • OR – only one of the conditions needs to be accomplished.

Based on which Extensions are enabled, additional options for specific amounts become available.