REST API in Ultimate Affiliate Pro

The REST API feature in Ultimate Affiliate Pro allows you to make API calls to access information from Ultimate Affiliate Pro for your website. This grants you the ability to generate a hash key, which provides access to the membership system.

To activate this feature, follow these steps:

1. Access the Ultimate Affiliate Pro Dashboard

Navigate to the Ultimate Affiliate Pro (UAP) Dashboard.

2. Open Extensions

Click on “Extensions” from the Ultimate Affiliate Pro Dashboard.

3. Navigate to REST API

In the Extensions section, find and select “REST API.”

4. Utilizing API Calls

For each API call, you will find an example API link. You need to edit this link yourself to customize the API call as needed. The available parameters and the returned data for each call are provided as well.

Example: Approve Affiliate API Call

For the “Approve affiliate” API call, you have one argument available: affiliateId. In the example API link, you must replace {affiliateId} with the actual user ID of the affiliate you want to verify. For instance, if the user ID is 10325, you would replace {affiliateId} with 10325 in the API link, like this:


By following these instructions and utilizing the REST API feature, you can seamlessly access information from Ultimate Affiliate Pro and integrate it into your website, enhancing the functionality and versatility of your membership system.